The Charif Family


The Charif Family is known for being in the industry for many years, passing lighting techniques from generation to generation. Daniel Charif, the head of the family and owner of production office The Show Must Go On and Charif Production and Design, is one of the most respected and recognized Lighting Designers and Production Managers today. 

   Daniel helped both of his sons, Yamil and Elian, to be independent and creative designers from an early age, taking them to shows and teaching them all of his lighting techniques and skills.

Today, Elian Charif is established in Buenos Aires, doing amazing designs and productions all over South America, while Yamil lives in Hollywood, FL, not only excelling at designing, with very original and innovative designs, but also as an expert in the technical field, pouring this into his designs, with more than a decade of experience.  In this manner, they can cover their client’s expectations, no matter where they are in the world. 

To us, the most beautiful thing about this Lighting Design Family is that no matter how far from each other we are, we are still working together as a team, producing and designing the most creative events, from Corporate to World Wide Tours, from weddings to Benei Mitzvahs, everybody is welcome in the family. 

YC3 Lighting Design

YC3 Lighting Design is a company owned by Yamil Charif. Yamil was already a recognized lighting designer, when he had the idea of developing a lighting design company where the main focus would still be to attend to the client needs, but with a slight detail: to be conscious about the energy consumption of EACH BULB and be more eco-friendly in each design.

YC3 wants to be green in a historically wasteful industry. How to accomplish it?

There are many ways of saving energy, fuel, resources and, therefore, money, in the industry. One of them is using low consumption lamps, given that modern technology allows us to replace every single tungsten, sodium or mercury lamp with a low consumption one, such as LED or Platinum, WITHOUT RESCINDING QUALITY OR FUNCTIONALITY.  Remember, Yamil Charif has travelled all around the world, meeting, consulting and learning on these matters from many lighting designers, programmers, technicians, even master electricians. So, another way of saving energy and resources is by using technicians in situ, saving fuel, flights, and spreading through our peers the notion of start doing ´´greener´´ designs. This is possible due to the fact that no matter where the client is, regardless of the technicians mounting the show, YC3 will always be in charge of the design and making sure the event will be 100% accurate. For this, YC3 wants to have a clear communication with clients and all the technical team, keeping everybody on the loop, to avoid errors. Perfection is imperative, and we understand that most errors arise from missed communications.

The company is directed towards a healthy competitive direction, not being afraid to share clients or ideas with other peers, since we are focused not as much in a monetary purpose as to try to be as much eco-friendly as possible. We have no doubt that once a client sees the way we operate they will come back, without a worry or concern on how or where the show is executed.

Being ecologically aware and cost-efficient has become an integral part of a good design.